Juggling is a creative form of physical activity, artistic expression and personal development.

In the beginning of the XXI century a group of German scientists conducted an experiment which proved that learning how to juggle with 3 balls results in significant changes in particular structures of the brain already after 7 days of training.

Except for the brain development, juggling improves reflex, motor skills, hand-eye coordination and peripheral vision.

It develops patience, perseverance and the ability to deal with failures and frustration.

Juggling is a complex skill, therefore mastering it needs breaking the learning process into small pieces and drawing conclusions from the mistakes made on the way.
That’s why it is such an accurate and attractive representation of the learning process, which allows to discover one’s natural preferences and new, more efficient ways of learning.

Learning a new trick causes a release of endorphins in the brain, therefore gives a lot of joy and satisfaction.

The feeling of success and fulfillment builds motivation and self-confidence.

Team juggling in pairs, groups of 3 or more develops trust and unity, develops communication and cooperation skills, and teaches how to be efficient while working with others.

Juggling is an activity which doesn’t require any special equipment, unique predispositions, nor big space.

It can be practiced individually or in a group.

It can contain elements of cooperation, competition or an individual training.

It is an innovative method to energize the body and refresh the mind in a break from work.

As a form of active meditation juggling is a great way to relax, reduce stress and improve concentration.

And finally, the most important.
So many people around the world (including myself) fall in love with juggling because it simply gives a lot of fun!
Not only to those who watch a performance, but even more to those who experience the process.

Below you can watch one of my first public performances from 2013. For some reason the audience was laughing a lot… Well, good for them – a laugh a day keeps the doctor away. So does juggling.