The starting point for all of my business projects is my biggest passion – juggling.

I design and conduct training programs, workshops, animations and performances suited to the individual needs of my Clients.

In my work as a trainer, facilitator and animator I use the methods of non-formal education, experiential learning and circus pedagogy.

I offer stationary and online workshops for youths, adults and seniors.

I work both with groups and individuals.

In the training context I focus mostly on following topics:
Physical development: reflex, coordination, balance, motor skills, peripheral vision
Mental development: motivation, concentration, efficient learning, ability to deal with failures, frustration and stress
Soft skills: team work, communication, public speaking, problem solving, creativity

My main field of work is training, facilitating and animation, but I perform on stage as well.

In everything I do I put maximum of my passion, energy, humour, trust, individual approach and care for details.

But don’t take my word for it.
Check the opinions
of those who have worked with me already.

I have cooperated with:

Śródmieście Cultural Center
Femme Events
Luxury Animation & Events

Łowcy Wrażeń
Latający Ogród

Spotkajmy się na Twardej
Prywatna Szkoła Podstawowa Nr 98 DIDASKO

My strategic partners are:
4YOUth Foundation for Supporting Youth Initiatives
ASK Yourself

Inkubator Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego
Fundacja Instytut Innowacji
Centrum Szkoleniowe Jet

I work with people of different ages, nationalities, backgrounds and professions.

I have trained football players, TV presenters, musicians, businessmen, managers, trainers, youth workers, educators, teachers, students and many others.

I am open for cooperation with:

Individuals (youths, adults, seniors)
Sports clubs and recreation centres
Schools, educational institutions
Businesses and start-ups
Community centres
Training companies
Coworking spaces
Event agencies

Non-governmental organizations
(including projects in the Erasmus+ programme)

Juggling is often perceived as something extremely difficult and impossible to achieve for a regular person. But in fact everyone can learn the basics of juggling with 3 objects even in 1 hour, with proper instructions and support.

That’s why I provide professional, step-by-step juggling training adjusted to the age, background and skills level of the people I teach, so they can enjoy learning something new, discover their true potential and improve the quality of their professional and personal life.

In the video below (from 3:32) you can hear some testimonials and see short parts of my workshops on juggling and creativity, which I conducted during an international Training Course “Skills for the future”, co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme and organized by Fundacja Instytut Innowacji.