My name is Miłosz Bałdyga.
I’m a juggler, trainer, facilitator, animator and performer.

So far I have trained over 1000 people in 10 different countries across 3 continents.

I’ve graduated at the University of Warsaw with Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics and currently I’m finishing Master’s degree in Adult Education.

I speak 4 different languages:
Polish (native)
English (fluent)
Italian (intermediate)
French (communicative)

I’m passionate about the new circus disciplines, music, sport, travelling and non-formal education.

I get inspired by new places, new people and new challenges.

From tangerines to business:
the story of Juggling With Benefits

In 2010 juggling became my passion and I started training with 3 tangerines.
In 2011 I bought a set of my first professional juggling balls.
In 2012 started working as an animator in an event agency.
Since 2012I have been developing my competences in the fields of training, leadership, non-formal education, circus pedagogy, creativity, coaching, working with refugees, seniors, adults and youths by taking part in over 40 international educational projects (as a participant, group leader and trainer) in 18 different countries.
In 2015 I started working as a freelance trainer and since then I have trained over 1000 people in 10 different countries.
In 2016 I gave a speech on the mathematics of juggling at the TEDxWarsaw Community Meetup in the Brain Embassy.
In 2017 and 2019 I took part in European Juggling Conventions in Poland and the United Kingdom.
In 2018 I started a Master’s degree in Adult Education: Organizing and Conducting Trainings at the University of Warsaw.
In 2019 I won a special prize at Brave Camp business academy for my own training project Juggling With Benefits.
In 2020 I learnt how to juggle 7 balls and I got an invitation to perform and conduct juggling workshops at a circus festival in Dubai, UAE.

Below you can watch my interactive, 20-minute speech about the connection between mathematics and juggling at the TEDxWarsaw Community Meetup (English subtitles available).